Works by J.

The BAG MEN Series

In collaboration with Silas Jackson

  • A post-apocalyptic action thriller narrative beginning in the year 2069. The zombies blend in with the crowd. And humanity continues to murder itself with war. Volumes 1-5 now available on Amazon Kindle – so check out the links below!

Quintology Bag Men

Solo Works from J.

Available Now

Thirsting Gulch cover live trace

Cobbler of Antwerp Cover final

  • on the landslide catwalk: a by turns humorous and gushy collection of 200+ short to medium-ish poems about honesty, love, and other bullshit

otlc cover final

  • Trumpscendent: political satire, dream sequence, starring a certain toupee’d business mogul – available for free, in its entirety, only on Bilander; click or tap here!

Trumpscendent Cover v1


Other Collaborations

With Silas Jackson

BANFTC 1 cover

  • Birds Are Not For The Cat: Arbitrary rules, convoluted instructions, invisible management, horrific “accidental” deaths: all part of the deal in the workplace for Pete and Sam, two factory floor stooges who experience dissatisfaction on an elemental level.
  • Ligeia/Bryndt: epic fantasy-mythology with dueling perspectives


Coming Soon

  • Bag Men: Origin Volume VI:
  • The Sisterdale Six: A Bag Men Story
  • Birds Are Still Not For The Cat: a stranger novella, and sequel to Birds Are Not For The Cat
  • Thirsting Gulch, Part I


About J.

J.R. Traas is an author, editor, and ghostwriter. His skills include writing haiku, telling jokes, and writing joke haiku. Wherever he goes, he’s surrounded by cats.

Stay in touch at:

Twitter: @wordofmypeople


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