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About Bilander

A lithe, feisty organization founded by J.R. Traas (that’s me), Bilander exists to provide all manner of writing-related services, including:

  • Proofreading
  • Content editing
  • Copy editing
  • Professional critiques
  • Ghostwriting
  • Co-authoring
  • Commissioned pieces (from full-length novels to micro fiction)
  • And more

Want/need a novel, novella, short story, micro/flash fiction, or a free-form or traditional poem written? All of the above? Excellent.

Go with Bilander, and we’ll give you work that excels, with a very short turnaround period.

If you’d like samples of my work in addition to those hosted on this site, check out my Facebook page, find me on Twitter, check out the side-menu (to your right), or punch J.R. Traas into Google. I’ve left my mark on various strands of the World Wide Web.

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Also, welcome to anyone arriving via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or anywhere else! You are now all automatically Honorary Geese, induction into the Hall of Full Goosedom Fame to be earned by liking/commenting/sharing any one or several of my posts.

If you’re here on business, you’re equally welcome, and I invite you to take a gander at the myriad high-value services Bilander provides.


What’s on the Menu

In no particular order, Bilander specializes in the following genres:

  • Historical Fiction – I studied history extensively in school, and it’s always been a passion of mine.
  • High Fantasy – world-building is my bag, and I happen to boast an impressively gargantuan, dare I say, dinosauric vocabulary. So, if a sword-and-sorcery/epic quest/anything-not-of-this-world-type-story is your preference, I’m your writer.
  • Urban Fantasy – quirky and weird I do well. Shopping for a modern tale of heroism, with a side order of grit? Look no further.
  • Horror – I once wrote a story about Lamar Dodd vomiting up Satan and read it to a conservative, museum-going audience who loved it. I’ve got the range to spin a shadowy, twisted yarn.
  • Humor – I’ve written everything from a book of jokes to high-minded satire. Some of my work, including this piece, has been called “[Terry] Pratchett-esque”
  • PoetryThis poetry collection is an example of my free-form efforts. I also am adept at form poetry (sonnets, villanelles, you name it)
  • Post-ApocalypseBag Men, a post-apocalyptic action thriller with zombies that can talk and think and hide in plain sight, ought to speak for itself. Silas Jackson and I are responsible for this ongoing series.
  • Sci-Fi – got a near- or distant-future story, possibly with dystopian themes? Welcome, my sibling. You are most welcome.
  • Business and Marketing – many such books have been ghostwritten by me, though, for hopefully obvious reasons, I’m not at liberty to discuss the details.
  • Self-help (same as above and below)
  • Biography / Memoir
  • Scholarly Articles

The above are just a few examples of the types of work I’ve done and continue to do, for myself and for my clients. This list is by no means conclusive; I am always open to trying new things, strengthening new literary muscles. Reach out, and let’s talk it through.

Whether you want to regale your audience with an eloquent, philosophic treatise, or just make them laugh or cry with simple, powerful prose, Bilander provides and Bilander abides. The customer (that’s you) comes first, always.

When ghostwriting, my own opinions will never spill over into your work, unless that’s what you want from me. My keen editor’s eye can pick out anything needing a trim or some extra padding, from style to structure and beyond.


Quality Service, Low Prices

Here, in a nutshell is why you should hire me. I have:

  • A Bachelor’s in English (meaning, I can read and write well; very few people can, and you know it)
  • The personal tutelage of some of the best authors, professors, and poets in the country
  • A wild and insane upbringing that spans Western Europe, East Asia, and the United States
  • I speak, read, and write in three languages; I have a global point of view, erasing potential biases based on culture, ethnicity, religion, skin-color, etc.
  • A nearly suicidal, do-or-die work ethic — I will grind myself to a fine powder, if that’s what it takes to get your project done
  • A slew of published works, in various extravagant genres, ranging from literary fiction to post-apocalyptic action thriller
  • Excellent writing skills, and the samples to prove it

And I’m sure I could expand that list, but I don’t feel it necessary.

The real value I provide comes from the fact that I’m not famous. Think about it, I’m the perfect mercenary to ghostwrite your book. No one will ever know. Complete confidentiality  is assured, because:

  1. I’ll never tell.
  2. No one will ever ask!

In addition, the services provided by Bilander are very reasonably priced, and we’re open to negotiation. Meaning, you give me credit, or royalties, or another form of extra compensation based on our written agreement, and we may just get crackin’ at a discounted rate. Contact me, and let’s discuss plans.

The procedure:

  1. Reach out and we’ll talk about your project.
  2. I’ll draw up a personalized contract, outlining, in detail, exactly what will be exchanged. Timetables, fees, services — all of that will be spelled out, clearly and concisely, in our agreement.
  3. We maintain contact through the specified means, and communicate as much or as little as specified/necessary until the project is done.

After that, I’ll take our agreed-upon payment through PayPal. Simple.


The Bilander Oath

The people who hire me are looking for someone to bring out their own voices for their own projects. I have no agenda, no ulterior motives, no biases. I work to make your project shine, giving you a finished piece you’ll be proud to call yours.


Contact Me

I can be reached at

Facebook: J.R. Traas

Twitter: @wordofmypeople

I look forward to hearing from you!