Bag Men Volume 5 is here!

Radioactive Final Cover

Forty years after the world ended, after the undead hordes tore through America from east to west, the last vestiges of humanity struggle on. The Republic of Sacramento and the Armorer Dynasty wage a war of attrition, which promises to end with a bang

FREE on Kindle from May 30th through June 3rd, Bag Men: Radioactive is the 5th installment in this post-apocalyptic zombie action thriller series.

People thought the nightmare was over. They thought the virus had been eradicated, that the last of the undead died off in the wasteland of what was once the American West. The truth, known to only a fraction of the surviving population: the virus never stopped changing, growing ever more sophisticated as the years shuffled by.
Decades ago, the democratic government of the Republic of Sacramento took steps to contain the modern form of the plague that nearly destroyed humanity, calling this new threat the “Vox Humana Virus” (VHV). Thus was born the Bureau of Public Health, a super-agency tasked with identifying and eradicating “Sleepers”—those undead that can blend in with the crowd, creatures that can emulate human speech and emotion. The BPH was granted, by a terrified population, supreme authority over life and death. And, so far, humanity within the city has endured. Beyond the walls of Sacramento, however, there is no safety. The virus can trickle into human populations totally undetected, and plunge them into anarchy, hysteria and carnage before anyone realizes anything is wrong…
And, as the Republic is reminded time and time again, a greater threat to the survival of humanity—greater even than VHV—is the warmongering of powerful, rival, *human* factions.
“Bag Men: Radioactive” concludes the saga of the war between Sacramento and the Armorer Dynasty of the Mojave.

Here’s what readers have been saying about the series:


Quintology Bag Men

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Bag Men Volume 5 is here!

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