Julian’s Gone Mercenary

Time-traveling, secret agent, Dutch dude for hire


I know the game, how it works. If you run a business, or a blog, or maintain any kind of presence online, you’re constantly being harassed for “fresh, new content.” That’s the tagline of this decade. To which I say:


Pictured: me, annoyed by that tired, old refrain.

See, I’ve done the Twitter and Facebook thing for some time, now. I’ve employed strategies designed to drag people to my original content. My posts are scatter-shot. They work to an extent. I seem to be expanding my personal audience every day, a couple souls at a time. But I don’t find that mechanical process as fulfilling as just writing. And I’ve seen, firsthand, that other people are just better at churning out 140-character posts about junk and stuff than I am. Which is fine.

Bless you on your journey to find someone to manage your Facebooks, your Twitters, Tumblrs, Instagrams, Pinterests, and any other…

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Julian’s Gone Mercenary

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